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About Us

Welcome to our website at TejBD.com. This is our About Us page of our website. This page will describe to you our website.

Our Website Name is TejBD.com. T stands for Technology, E stands for Education and J is stand for Jobs. That means our website name is Technology, Education, and Job News Portal of Bangladesh.

Our Service

As I already told that, TejBD is a Technology, Education, and Job News Portal Website. That’s why we always try to share Technology, Education and Job News Related Article.

Technology: Technology is the main part of our internet world. Basically, we always try to write Computer Tips, Android Tips, Computer Software Review, Android App Review, and Smart Phone Review on our website.

Education: This website also for those people who are studying in Primary. Junior School, Secondary School, and Undergraduate Education. Primary School Certificate (PSC), Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). We always try to share Education News, Exam Routine, Admission Date and Time, Exam Result, etc.

Jobs: Job is the main thing for those people who have completed their studies. This website helps those people who are looking for Govt Job, Company Jobs or other types of jobs.

So, that’s was all about ourselves. I hope you guys successfully understood about our website. Thank you very much for visiting our website.