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Hi guys, are you looking for PSC Routine 2021? I think you will very tense about the PSC routine. So don’t worry. Then you have come to the right place. On this web site, you will find PSC Routine 2021. Everyone wants the best routine for their exams. A good routine is helpful for a good exam. Everyone finds PSC routines in different ways. Someone selects to find their routine on Google. But in different ways getting misinformation on various web sites. For example, many websites publish PSC fake routine. They published the PSC Exam Routine 2021 before published it officially.

PSC Routine 2021

The routine they publish is actually wrong or the routine of the previous year. For this, it is so painful for us. However, we can assure you that you will get the exact routine of PSC Routine from our website. One more thing let me tell you, you will get this routine only after the publication of PSC Routine 2021 by the board of education. You can download PSC Routine 2021.

When Will Published PSC Routine 2021?

According to the past year’s statistics, PSC Exam Routine usually published 2 or 3 months before the examination. But Since 2019, the education minister has made new rules. The routine will be published before six to seven months of the exam. There is a reason behind this new rule. If the exam routine is published earlier, so every student get huge time for their preparation. It is very essential for students. Although, PSC Exam Routine 2021 is directly published here. However, PSC Exam is usually held in the first week of November.

PSC Routine 2021

The exam will be complete within 10 to 15 days. But there is a big problem with published this routine due to Coronavirus. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says if the corona situation in Bangladesh is not normal or changes, the school, and college will remain closed till September. It is not possible to open the Educational Institute before September 2021. Because the corona situation in Bangladesh is very bad. So, there is no reason for your tension, at least until September.

PSC Routine 2021 All Education Board News

It is very difficult to guess; how long the classes will be closed due to the coronavirus. As you guys know that; The educational institution has been closed officially. According to the top officials of the Ministry of Education and the two education boards, it has been suggested to extend the academic year by two months and complete the syllabus and take the desired examination.

Experts have planned not to take the PSC exam this year. But no decision has been taken from the authority. The only way to evaluate in our country is to test. Therefore, the chances of canceling the exam are less, the education minister said. From July to August each year, almost all primary schools spend extra time behind their fifth-grade students.

The purpose is to improve the results of their final exams. Since four and a half months have already passed this year, schools will be rushing for PSC exams as soon as they open. The only way to avoid this situation is to cancel both this year’s semester and PSC exams. This will not put extra pressure on the children. Besides, the national curriculum and textbook board will also be able to reduce the syllabus for the current academic year.

When will be start PSC Exam 2021?

The Education Minister hinted to extend the current academic year from December to next February or March as the regular activities of the educational institution are closed due to coronavirus. He said that at the moment there is no situation to open an educational institution. The situation needs to be monitored. If it is late to open, the academic year will be limited to December, or two-three months of next will be added, it is being considered.

HSC Exam already postponed. The exam was supposed to take at the beginning of last April. A senior official of the Dhaka Education Board told that the PSC examination would be started at least 2 November after the infection situation came under control. There is an announcement to close the educational institution until August 8. However, the government has indicated that the shutdown could last till September if the infection continues.

How to get PSC Routine 2021?

You can download PSC Routine 2021 as a PDF file or picture. The PSC routine is normally published on the official website of the Board of Education. I am sharing the link of the official website of the Board of Education. If you wish, you can collect PSC routine from the official website. Besides, you can easily collect other exams routine 2021 from this website. I can give you this routine in pdf format or in a picture format. You can download PSC Routine 2021 by clicking on this website which you can see below. You do not have to pay any charge to download it is completely free.

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PSC Routine 2021 PDF, Image Download

The full meaning of the word PSC is the Primary School Certificate. In the education system of Bangladesh, the examination conducted by the students studying in class five at the end of the year is called PSC examination.

Finally, those who can pass this examination will be able to go up to the next class. Again those who can’t pass the examination will be unable to go up to the next class, that is, those students will not be admitted in class six and those who cannot pass the examination will have to participate in the examination again next year.

Preparing for PSC examination

The final examination is just a couple of months away. It is important that you do well. So you shall have to prepare for it. In other words, you need to revise and study what you have learned throughout the year. First of all, you have to prepare a time-table of study so that you can divide your time properly to the various subjects. Students have to devote more time to the subjects you are not so good at.

You shall have two study periods a day, one from three to four in the afternoon, and the other from seven to nine in the evening. You cannot study all time for your mind will not be able to cope with it. So you must have some time to indulge in games and other forms of recreation. Then you can return to your studies with renewed vigor. It is very essential for your examination.

FAQs of PSC Routine

You may have questions about routines and exams for PSC. So for convenience, you can find detailed ideas from the following questions and answers. So that you can get your desired question and its answer very easily. Here some questions and answers are given below:

Question 01: When can the exam be?

Answer: If the corona condition is normal in 1/2 month, the exam will be done in November this year.

Question 02: What will be examination in all subjects?

Answer: If the virus ends too soon, all subjects will be tested.

Question 03: When will the PSC exam routine be available?

Answer: The exam routine can be found in August or September 2021 on the official website. You can also get it from this website without any problem.

Question 04: If the exam is short, what subjects will be tested?

Answer: If the exam is short, it can be English, mathematics and science.

Question 05: What will be tested even if the epidemic corona virus is not over this year?

Answer: No, if the virus is too much, it may not be tested this year. In that case, it may be in March-April next year.

Question 06: What will be the exam this year?

Answer: It is likely to happen this year.

Question 07: What will change the routine of PSC exam 2021?

Answer: The routine haven’t published yet. We will notify you when the update news or new routine available.

Question 08: When will the new PSC routine 2021?

Answer: Before 15 days of the examination.

In Conclusion:

So, friends, I think you have no reason to worry about PSC Routine 2021 anymore. I hope you guys successfully understand the article And I think this post will help PSC candidates a lot. So you can read and share this post.

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