NTRCA Update News 2021: NTRCA Gono Biggopti

Do you want to get NTRCA Update News 2021 or NTRCA Gono Biggopti? So here is the official update news for you. Besides this, you will also get too much important information through this post.

Now it is being heard that only government teachers will recommend recruitment of assistant teachers of private educational institutions and even headteachers and all classes of staff including NTRCA. Read the full report to know all details of NTRCA.

What’s NTRCA?

The Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (abbreviated as NTRCA) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh. The work of this organization is to ensure the recruitment of qualified teachers in about 33,000 (thirty three thousand) private educational institutions of the country.

NTRCA Update News 2021

All activities of NTRCA like other activities across the country have been shut down due to the epidemic. No new activities of NTRCA have been observed for a long time but it is hoped that the activities of the organization have resumed Recruitment process is underway which started long ago. List of vacancies of teachers of all MPO registered schools, colleges and madrasas has been collected. It is already known that there are about 80,000 vacancies in the country but due to the complexity of the case.


At a Glance, The private teacher registration and certification authority is better known as NTRCA for short. It is an autonomous body established by Act No.1 of 2005 under the Ministry of Education. The main task of the organization is to select qualified teachers for MPO registered and MPO aspiring private schools-college, madrasas and technical institutes of the country.

In order to select qualified teachers, the institution prepares the syllabus of the Teacher Registration Examination, takes the examination and publishes the results. In addition, on the basis of the results of the combined national merit list and the recruitment of teachers to vacant positions in the private sector.

News of recruitment of private teachers:

There is some work left to be done in publishing the public notice of private teacher recruitment, so it takes a little time, so the candidates have to be a little more patient. Recruitment letter will get the news. There is a lot of work to be done in this situation. If we announce the date of publication of the notification, then there may be some problem. The date of publication of this notification may be delayed.

The list of vacancies for about 60,000 teachers from technical education institutes has been finalized. The third notification is to fill these vacancies, but a section of the registered candidates have filed a case in the court.

NTRCA Gono Biggopti 2021

The teachers’ forum, which is expected to hold a third public notice, is going on a hunger strike again to demand speedy recruitment of private teachers. Shant Ahmed, president of the forum, said that the program will start on March 30.

The president of the forum on Saturday said that meetings and symbolic hunger strikes have been held with various officials including issuing memorandums demanding the release of the much-desired public notice. But NTRCA officials have promised to give good news to the registrants soon but so far they have not said anything.

“We are trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We have received feedback from the law ministry on the recruitment of vacancies. We are currently preparing to start the recruitment process for the vacant seats in all schools, colleges and madrasas across the country in the fourth phase,” he said.

We hope we get some good news. Meanwhile, it has been reported that any day before March 26, there may be a public announcement as a gift for the year of Mujib. That is why work is being done on the day of official closure to complete the necessary work quickly. The latest information sent by the district education officer is being verified.
In this regard, the Chairman of the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority Md. Ashraf Uddin said, after the publication of the public notice, the heads of the institutions have sent the information to avoid any kind of information confusion.

He further said that the head of the organization has sent us the vacancy information and it is being checked and sorted. We hope that we will be able to issue a public notice before the deadline given to them.
We are discussing with Teletalk to provide technical support on Wednesday. They will co-operate with us,” he said.
The High Court has ruled that private teachers with registration certificate and unregistered index can now participate in the transfer process of NTRC as departmental candidates for change of workplace educational institutions, with experience and seniority.

A bench comprising Justice Mohammad Ashraful Kamal of the High Court passed the order on Thursday (October 8th) on the final hearing of the ruling in the case. Advocate Siddiqullah said the High Court had earlier in February 2009 directed to complete the opportunity to apply for change.

FAQs for NTRCA Update News

Question 1: Can the third public notice be applied after 35 years?

Answer: The government may consider the matter this time.

Question 2: How many teachers will be appointed in the third mass notification?

Answer: About 56 thousand.

Question 3: When will the third public notice be published?

Answer: May be at the end of this month or at the beginning of the month ahead.

Question 4: How many numbers will it take to stay on the merit list?

Answer: Minimum 60.

Question: When will the 17th NTRCA prelims be held?

Answer: It is expected to be held in the middle of this year.

Question: When is the viva result of 16th NTRCA?

Answer: May be in the next two-three months.

Question: What is the prelim pass mark of NTRCA?

Answer: 40.

Question: Are there any negative marks in the prelims?

Answer: Yes, of course, there is a negative mark of 0.50.

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